Youth and media

Today’s children are growing up in an increasingly digital world. This presents opportunities, but also risks. We at WoopSkinz+Brascom GmbH are committed to give parents advice on where they can access information about protecting young people from harmful media and informs them about important measures

Digital world

Here at WoopSkinz+Brascom GmbH we place great importance on teaching our customers, employees and business partners to use digital media safetly. Through various projects, we pass on our knowledge and give everyone the opportunity to come into contact with digital media.


Firmly established corporate values and an international and trusting atmosphere form the basis for our work. We have a first name culture throughout the company and offer our employees the opportunity for personal development.

Sustainability at the heart of what we do

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. We all share our sustainability challenges: they're global, they're interconnected and they’re intensifying.

Sustainability is an integral part of our operational activities – because only if we act in a socially and ecologically responsible manner can we as a company be fit for the future. Our pursuit of sustainability follows an ambitious but realistic vision: by 2050 we will be a net-zero company that only produces climate-neutral and fully recyclable products.